Broken Screen, How To Data Recovery Your Data?

The first reflex is to see if the screen still responds. In this case, you shouldn’t have any huge problems. The usual method works: unlock your device, then Data Recovery from your computer using a USB cable. 

This is where things go wrong. Your goal is to successfully unlock your device. With luck, the latter is equipped with a biometric sensor (fingerprint reader) which will open the doors of the interface.

An alternative solution is to connect an OTG mouse to your device – if it is compatible of course -. This will allow you to combine your diagram (here, from  micro USB  to OTG).

The rest is a little simpler: you connect the smartphone to your PC using a USB cable. From there, go to Windows File Explorer, and explore the Data Recovery internal memory of your smartphone to copy the documents that interest you to your hard drive.  

Here is the drama. Some smartphones allow you to activate USB debugging mode, a mode especially intended for developers. This is for example the case of Samsung or Huawei, and you can access it by going to the settings. 

From there, you can turn to Vysor , a small software that will display the smartphone screen on your PC. The problem is that if the manipulation has not been done beforehand, this solution becomes obsolete…

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