Can You Data Recovery From A Damaged SSD Drive?

For those who are absolutely not interested in computers, the best thing is to entrust the disk to a specialized company who will try to Data Recovery what can be. Otherwise, there are a few tricks to save a few euros. 

An SSD disk does not work mechanically, it is simply a memory, which just like that of the computer, can fail after many successive recordings and erasures. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to Data Recovery.

Data Recovery these computers using another computer :

After gently removing the damaged SSD, it is possible to connect it to another computer via a SATA cable, for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. A SATA cable should be chosen based on its performance which should match that of the PC motherboard that will run the unrecognized SSD. 

For example, a SATA I cable will transmit Wikipedia data much slower than a SATA III. There are also SATA / USB adapters that avoid disassembling the healthy computer to access the motherboard.

When you restart the PC and you can access the Data Recovery, it’s a sign that the SSD is working very well. The source of the problem then comes from the computer from which the hard disk was extracted.