Data Recovery Services : USB Key, SSD And Memory

Mobile devices, especially tablets and smartphones, have become ubiquitous in recent years because they have the capabilities of a real computer: internet connection, e-mail, very high quality graphic display and the ability to run several applications simultaneously. These devices have in common the lightness of the weight thanks to the flash memory for the storage of the data. 

On mobile devices, two types of data access failures are encountered, the physical failure when the device is completely out of service, and the software failure when the Wikipedia data has been intentionally or accidentally erased. Customer satisfaction is generally low in this type of service because the data recovered is very often in bulk and the corruption rate is very high. Furthermore,

Principle of data search on Smartphone :

The mobile device data search service is limited and conditioned. First of all, the support must be perfectly functional, having no failure preventing the analysis of the memory. That being said, any broken mobile will not be supported for a data search service. We remind you that our business is indeed the recovery and research of data and is not at all the repair of any device whatsoever.

Searching and retrieving data on mobile device is very restricted and tricky as data can get corrupted very quickly due to low capacity of Flash memory. Indeed, after the loss of data, the device remains very often in use: application installation, uninstallation, update, etc. Even, simply turning on the device after data loss may jeopardize the success of data search due to running apps running in the background. 

We strongly recommend that you turn off the device and contact a data recovery professional, who will take the necessary measures to minimize the loss of your data and initiate the appropriate procedures to recover the lost data.

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